What should the teacher try to avoid when selecting listening activities?
A、The listening activity must have a real, communicative purpose.
B、The listening activity must cater to students’ real life.
C、Pre-listening tasks must help students identify the purpose of the listening activity.
D、The classroom climate surrounding the listening activity can be anxious.

考查听力教学。 为保证听力活动的效果,课堂气氛应是轻松活跃的。故此题的正确选项为D。 A项,听力活动必须具有真正的交际目的。 B项,听力活动必须迎合学生的现实生活。 C项,听前任务必须帮助学生识别听力活动的目的。 故此题的正确选项为D。

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