All of the following, with one

All of the following, with one exception, are alternative terms for the same thing. Which is the exception?
A、Motivator factor
B、Environmental factor
C、Maintenance factor
D、Hygiene factor

Rationale: Herzberg used the other three terms to describe the same set of factors: the ones thatmaintain morale but do not positively motivate (maintenance); prevent dissatisfaction but do not promote satisfaction, in the same way that hygiene prevents ill-health but does not promote wellbeing (hygiene); and that relate to the environment of work rather than to the work itself (environmental). The opposite set of factors is 'motivator' factors in the work itself, which -according to Herzberg - positively create satisfaction and motivation to superior performance.Pitfalls: An exam question may refer to hygiene factors by any one of its three names, so it is worth using this question to check that you know them all!

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